Sunday, January 12, 2020


Description about paint software:-

Paint software for kindergarten baby for starting and learning people. in this software you can learn basic . how to paint any image , how to move and rotate any image .
you can learn writing on this software.
this is a good software for beginner people.

Description about paint software :-

Paint software  is a drawing  software. This software  I can use any draw related work
For can write something  in this software  and save for future  whatever  you want open you can open that time.
In this software you can design about draw related things.
This software give you command for text Color,text rotation etc.
This software you can make any file related  documents and paper.
You can import any file from other software.
You can export any file to another  software.
Microsoft paint software give you different  type font size you can choose any type of font size and make a file as per your requirements.

How to make new file in paint software:- 

You have to go file menu then you have to click right button then goto new command then click right button then you can see new file  will come front of your site.then you can draw this file whatever  you want.

How to open file in paint software:-

Just like other applications software here same process you have to follow you have to go file menu.
Then goto open command click mouse right button and open which file you want in the computer.

How to save file in paint software:-

Like other applications  you have to go to file menu click right button  then select  save command and click right  button , and save which file you want save in that software. Making  that file first you sure you have finished  your work properly  then make save you file in your software.

How to print any file in paint software :-

You have to goto file menu then click right button then select print command.
Paint software  print command  different compare to other applications. 
In paint software  print command give you option which area you want print .
You have to select  which  area  drawing  you want print  select  by the cursor  and press ok button then you can print any area of the file  or if you want print  full sheet  then select  full sheet from cursor then command on print button.
In paint software  give you option in print command Color  of the sheet  you can change color  which color you want gave to choose from print command. In print command  too much layout also available  you can choose  which  type of layout you want select  and apply  on the drawing.

How to use in paint software cut,copy and paste :-

First you have to goto select area which area you want cut or copy text or object ,after then when you finish your work cut or copy then ,which area you want paste your text or object click to right from mouse then paste there text or object.

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